What do you want to do, actually?

So, I’ve been trying to wrangle with Harlowe’s inaccessible Macros collection, while also being jealous at the much more versatile but scary-looking SugarCube. During this time, I’ve come to a realization. What do I want to accomplish with this, actually?

It turns out that Harlowe is amazing if you want to make a story. But if you want to make a GAME, it’s just too restrictive. SugarCube is what you want.

So I’ve started looking into the Format. My current work is not too far that I can’t switch, but I do use a lot of Harlowe-specific macros. Also, I’ll need to unlearn and re-learn a lot of stuff. However, the (assumed) gains from switching to SugarCube start to feel more and more salivating.

I’m going to look into SugarCube a lot more during the week and see if it really is sweeter (’cause Sugar, get it?) than Harlowe.

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3 thoughts on “What do you want to do, actually?”

    1. Unfortunately, I’ve been sidetracked (again!) by things like day-job and a daughter 😀 Would love to continue, though.

      1. That’s unfortunate (though I’m sure spending time with your daughter could be better than other distractions). When you do continue, I’m rooting for you! I’m happy to lend a hand if you need it, though I can’t guarantee that I’ll actually be able to help, lol.

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