Tasker is Amazing

I recently purchased the Android app Tasker, and it’s easily one of the best <$5 purchases I’ve ever made.

I’ve made small Tasks to keep my phone silent during work hours and blaring when I go home, which I need because I always forget if I have to do them manually. Also a sleep mode that silences everything, even the vibrate. Well, except the alarm volume because or obvious reasons.

I’ve also made a small task to move selected items from the Download folder to another folder, to keep it manageable. Unfortunately, Tasker doesn’t have permission to write to the external SD card, it’ll have to be moved out manually later.

Here's my solution
  1. List Files
    • Dir: Download
    • Variable: %files
  2. For
    • Variable: %file
    • Items: %files()
  3.  Move
    • From: Download/%file
    • To: Tumblr
    • If:
      • %file (Matches) tumblr_*.*
  4. End For

Since all files downloaded from tumblr will start with “tumblr_”, that’s what I use for the filter. This works well for my purposes, but I’d also love to be able to write to external SD Card.

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