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Oh Gods, here we go again.

My first experience with GoT was an Audible book from a long time ago, during the original Kindle era. I listened as I went to sleep. But I found that I missed bits and pieces because, well, I was asleep and the book continued on. So I stopped.

Then I tried to watch the TV Series, but the amount of boobs was a bit distracting. Well, my wife losing it was much more distracting. Either way, I found it quite impossible to watch.

So, I finally gave up and bought the actual book. Well, bought it through Google Books, read on my phone, but it’s still the book.

Reading through, I remember some things from the audio book. I forgot much of it, but some of the impressive ones I remember. The first one that came out was…

Oh, Spoiler Warning, obviously. If you have not read the first book, stop right here.

Now, the first thing that made me say, “I remember this!” was the tower scene. Pushed. Damn. I remember being horrified listening to the book. I remember that the feeling before was the same with the feeling I had when I read it on my phone. Even though I knew it was coming as soon as the boy went to climb the broken tower.

This book.

Now I’m up to Joffrey and Sansa’s date during their journey to King’s Landing where Lord Stark is to be the Hand of the King. I know for a fact that I stopped listening to the audiobook further than this. The last thing I recall was Arya training with cats, so there’s something to look forward to.

I have heard some things from the TV Series, like how it combines a few characters’ lines into several characters, increasing the importance of some and eliminating the need of others. I guess it’s a casting issue. There are a LOT of characters in the books.

But, for the whole, I don’t have much info on the book, much less the entire series. I’m going to read each and every one of them. If I go slow enough, I may finish A Dance with Dragons as The Winds of Winter come out. Maybe.

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