SQ Reads: A Game of Thrones – Part 4 (End)

I’ve finished reading A Game of Thrones last Saturday. I have some notes here that’s quite representative of what I think of these last batch of chapters.

  • Little Shit is living up to his name, and Sean Bean to his reputation.
  • Pity about Khal Drogo. And Rhaego, too. But at least there be dragons.
  • Sansa is on her way to insanity, as a way to cope, I think. Poor girl.
  • Arya, who is not a boy, gets caught by Yoren. Will the Night Watch interfere with the decrees of King Little Shit?
  • Robb and Catelyn fight their way through Lannister lines and caught Big Shit Jaime Lannister. All possibilities of truce are gone because what King Little Shit did.
  • Renly goes off and marries some girl, and now proclaims himself the true heir to the throne. Will he be coming to dispose of King Little Shit?

In one word: Fuck.
In two words: Fuck this.
In three words: Winter is coming.

For A Clash of Kings, I’m going to try to do a chapter-by-chapter review. I hope I can hold on from going straight through the chapters before writing a review. Glancing through the chapter list, there are about 60 chapters, including the prologue? I’m not sure how I’m going to go about it, but I’m going to, anyway.

For Winterfell!

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