SQ Reads: A Game of Thrones – Part 3

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I’ve just finished Chapter 53 (Bran’s, followed by Daenerys’) Again, spoiler abound. That said, let’s go!

Alright, in the last few chapters I’ve read some of the best sentences I’ve ever encountered in the book.

“Hodor,” said Hodor.

The best line I’ve read so far. I recall reading Old Nan telling Bran Hodor’s real name. I forget now, but I’m sure it’s somewhere in the internet.

Speaking of things that was only said once, I recall Tyrion calling Joffrey “little shit,” which I think is one of best descriptions of the boy. I understand this is his fan nickname, as well? It’s quite appropriate.

Also, freaking Sean Bean Eddard Stark. He’s gonna die, isn’t he. And maybe Sansa too. Arya would probably escape; she’s already in the dragon fossils room again. I wonder what she’s going to do.

I like Jon’s story at the Wall. I recall groaning when Ghost gave him a hand (literally) and the POV moved away. I’m glad I got another Jon chapter before I have to write this review. That dead guy that came back to life, is that a White Walker, then? Will need to read more. (MOAR JON PLSKTHX!)

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