SQ Reads: A Game of Thrones – Part 2

Yeah, okay, I’ve apparently went further than the cats last time. I’ll be reviewing my experiences with the book, so there are spoiler abound!

In my previous post, I mentioned that I last remember Arya training with cats as the last point where I left the story. I have now gone with Cat to the Eyrie and I distinctly remember the scene.

I also remember something about a cell where the floor is slanted towards a side with no walls, instead a long drop. Probably the entire height of the Eyrie. It’s probably Tyrion in there, I haven’t got there yet. Well, I have before, but not… Not yet this time. This is confusing.

Anyway, my last-last read is Bran on a horse using the saddle Tyrion described for him. When I reached this point, I had forgotten that the dwarf had helped Bran with the saddle, and I am now conflicted about the his true intentions. I mean, he has good rapport with Jon Snow, as well, from what I can tell. I guess a Lannister is affiliated only to themselves. Not even other Lannisters, I think.

I’m too lazy to review this thing chapter-by-chapter. Besides, I would probably not be able to stop at the end of a chapter to review. I would just steam through. So I’ll just post stuff when I feel like it.

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