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In the Prologue of Clash of Kings, we see what’s been happening with Stannis Baratheon. Then, Chapter 1 starts with Maisie Arya, my second favorite character after Jon. Spoiler warning for the aforementioned chapters. Let’s get to it!

I was thrown back a bit at reading the Prologue. As I said in my previous post, I have no idea who these characters are. But I recognize some names, like Stannis. And the book gives a good introduction on what he’s been doing in Dragonstone all these years.

He’s been depressed, hasn’t he? Being given a land to conquer but none of the glory. Even his wife and daughter sound like they could use a bit of a touch-up. Described as being… ugly, to say it mildly. Not to mention Patchface, who at first I imagine being quite skinny like most court jesters, but the book specifically mentions him being ’round’ and ‘scarred’.

And then the old maester. I knew he wouldn’t have long to live, being a sickly old man in a George R. R. Martin book, so I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised to see him not survive even the Prologue. But that death scene, though. So let’s get to the red woman.

What’s with her and trying to introduce monotheism into this world? And she’s tying it to the oncoming comet? So she’s like a female Sozin, or something? And she was able to resist that crystal poison. With what? That ruby choker on her neck? Such suspicious. Much wow.

On to Chapter 1, Arya!

So Yoren is bringing Arya to the Wall. And he was still in town because ‘some boy’ told him to wait so he can bring Ned with him as well. Which means, Littlefinger was true to his word. King Little Shit really messed things up. I recall even Cersei was surprised.

Arya is so badass, here. She had to be. Being a boy among actual boys (and men). Aw, and she misses Jon, too. I wanna pat her head and tell her everything’s going to be okay (it probably won’t, though.)

Also, now I understand why the Prologue is much longer than the first chapter. It needs the pages for worldbuilding, as it’s a new location depicting a new set of characters. Chapter 1 is all about Arya, and Yoren, and a few mentions of King Little Shit. New characters are only the two jerk boys and the older boy, who I think is going to be important. At least he probably won’t die sooner than the named characters.

Can I ship him with Arya?

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