SQ Reads: A Clash of Kings – Chapter 3

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Tyrion. Tyrion rules. He’s the least disgusting of all the Lannisters, and that’s saying something. He’s my favorite Lannister character, and that’s not even accounting Peter Dinklage. He’s cool.

I have so many notes for this chapter, and mostly they’re one liners that I quickly jot down as I read how awesome Tyrion is. Also, as you will see, these notes are written as I read, and some questions I ask gets answered by the end of the chapter. Nice!

  • “You,” Hahaha, so that’s where Little Shit gets it from. Tyrion is so awesome, he pulls awesomeness out of other people.
  • Hmm, what’s this letter from dad?
  • Varys suspects it forged? He’s usually right in these matters.
  • Oh, dear. Tyrion is the new Hand of the King?!
  • Oh, I’ve almost forgotten about Littlefinger and the dagger.
  • Now, Cersei, even a dwarf can lead an army.
  • So, Little Shit appointed Tywin as his Hand, and Tywin appointed Tyrion. Messy.
  • A bit of history lesson on how previous Hands died.
  • Tyrion is fond of small jokes isn’t he? Pretty sure it’s his strategy so people would dismiss him. Smart.
  • Tyrion promises Jaime in return for Cersei’s support. What’s he up to?
  • Hmm, Cersei thinks Arya is dead. Advantage!
  • Cersei trusts no one but needs them.
  • Tywin suspects something about the court. Varys? Littlefinger, maybe?
  • Ha, Cersei [i]was[/i] angry when Little Shit killed Eddard.
  • “Unique way to win the hearts of the people.”
  • Little Shit is fond of his dog Sandor Clegane, huh.
  • Cersei is very protective of Little Shit.
  • Ha! “Certainly,” he lied. Amazing piece of text by George as usual.
  • BAHAHAHA Slapped thtee times! Best scene of the chapter!
  • Cersei is born to be a widow.
  • Tyrion wants no harm to come to Sansa. Possible ally? He’s following on his “little lion” promise.
  • Tyrion wants the heads taken down. Respect?
  • Maybe important: war -> roads closed to south and west.
  • Cersei: tripled city watch and other defenses. So, I guess lowering other things?
  • Littlefinger taxes incoming people.
  • Several mentions of Wildfire. Is it something like a grenade perhaps?
  • Tyrion really fell hard for Shae.
  • Oooh, Tyrion can speak Varys. Nice.
  • Oooh, Shae be dirty-minded with Tower of the Hand jokes.
  • Shit’s getting real. Tyrion does justice?! Possible ally!

Tyrion RULES! Can’t wait for next chapter!

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