SQ Reads: A Clash of Kings – Chapter 2

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I was wrong. Sansa is a no nonsense girl. Hard core, calm in the face of King Little Shit kind of girl. Hats off to you, Sansa.

Actually, first of all, apologies for being away for a long while. There were troubles both at home and at work, but let me not bother you with that. On to the review!
I have notes this time! I’m going to continue to write some notes as I read because this is fun and it lets me remember much more after I finish the chapter. Now, let’s see, what do we have first?

  • Ah, yes, King Little Shit’s name day. He’s 13 now. A good year to die, but a reader can only dream.
  • What’s with everyone taking their own take of the comet? That weird lady in the prologue, and now Sir Arys. Besides, it’s clearly Sozin’s Comet.
  • More world-building with the revelation that Little Shit can’t even do his own hitting of his own betrothed. Afraid she’ll fight back? That Sir Arys is sounding like a good guy more and more. Possible ally? But suspicious!
  • Tywin was grounded at Harrenhal instead of coming back to King’s Landing? Why? I recall something about that in Book 1 but I forgot his reasoning. Maybe George will refresh my memory later.
  • Eyeing babe Ermesanda, marry her to the queen’s cousin, claim their land. Superb. That’s the Lannister way!
  • We’re at the tourney! Little Shit can’t even sit properly. Wait, Tommen is the same age as Bran? Possible ally! Also, we were reminded about Viserys. George never does things like this for no reason. Something is going on, or going to, at least.
  • Gnats, knights, what’s up with the silent letters, dammit. English is weird.
  • What’s with the Redwyns being an unwilling guests? I don’t remember that from last time.
  • Geez, these are gnats. Morros the moron and Dontos the drunk.
  • Here it is, awesome Sansa is awesome. Bullshitting her way out of Dontos’s death with some story about being unlucky to kill on one’s name day. Then Yhe Hound corroborated her story. She either passed a Lore check, or something is going on. Wasn’t there a scene with Sansa and The Hound in the last book? Possible ally? Suspicious!
  • Yeah, let Tommen ride. Children are childish! Then Tommen shows considerable courage. He’s a Gryffindor?!
  • OHAI Tyrion! Aw he’s so good with children. He’s got the same height as Tommen?! Were we told whether he’s the same height as Bran? Possible ally! Also, suspicious!
  • Tyrion is sorry for Sansa’s loss. Truth? Tyrion vows. Suspicious! And Sansa agrees with me. But the best line is: “Loyal as a deer surrounded by wolves lions.”
  • Keep your chin up, Sansa! 🙁

Next up, Tyrion! Oo, maybe there’s something about Tywin’s grounding at Harrenhal?

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