New Phone, Yay

So, I finally caved and bought a new mobile, a Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Duos SM-G530H.My primary concern in buying this particular model is the Dual Sim capabilities. My old number, the one everybody knows, doesn’t have too great a coverage in my current location, while my new number, the one I got to get great coverage, nobody knows. So, get a dual sim phone and get both 🙂 The new number will be the primary sim, as that’s the one the phone will look for for internet connection, and the old number will be the secondary, able to receive text messages such as Google, Dropbox, and WhatsApp verification codes.

With this purchase, I’m also breaking my Nokia streak. I’ve been buying Nokia phones since my first upgrade from my first ever phone (a crappy Ericsson t10s), but after my latest one (a good enough workhorse Nokia N97) started to develop issues with its touchscreen, I’m beginning to waver. Well, the wavering actually started earlier, when I got a Samsung Galaxy Note, so it wasn’t a single incident. Also, I’m getting real tired with Symbian.

I know Nokia has Android phones, but all of them are in collaboration with Microsoft (Nokia X, XL, and Lumia) and I’ve decided that Microsoft is good in my workplace but nowhere near my phone, thank you very much. Doesn’t mean that I didn’t entertain the thought of the XL for a few months, though.

Well, farewell to Nokia, and hello to Samsung.

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