It’s been a month

So, it’s been a bit over a month since I got my new phone. It’s time for a review.

First of all, it’s gorgeous. Well, that’s a bit of an overstatement. It’s nice and sleek, and the flip casing I got it really adds to the overall value.

I love having dual SIM. My old number is the one that everybody knows, but it doesn’t have great data packages, unlike my other number. So I call with the old one and use data with the new one. Win-win so much.

However, it’s a bit slow. I have RAM and CPU issues, with programs running slow and stuff. Can only have maybe 2 or 3 things open. Can’t even run Chrome very well.

It’s not a fair comparison, though, since I’m comparing it with my Galaxy Note tablet instead of my old N97 phone. And even there, old RAM-chomper Chrome runs fairly slowly.

So it’s Firefox all the way in this thing.

I like having physical buttons for the home button, but I miss having a physical keyboard. Sometimes, the soft keyboard takes a long while to load. I guess I’m too used with my old phone.

Let’s score it! I’ll say…8/10 for the Samsung Grand Prime. Works for me.

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