Addicted to Coffee

Hello, my name is StorymasterQ, and I’m addicted to coffee.

Ever since I joined this company where I’m working now, I have always took advantage of their limited pantry of free coffee. I started with a cup every morning, then ‘graduated’ to a mug every morning, which by my calculation, equates to two cups.

Then, starting earlier this year, I sometimes down another mug of coffee in the afternoon. Usually when I’m particularly sleepy, or I know I’m going to be by the end of the day, or I know I have more things to need attention at home after work.

And now, during weekends where I don’t have access to free coffee, I have the best (read: worst) headaches.

They’re not as often, at first, so I didn’t make the connection right away. Weekends have always been a lazy time for me. It’s when there is work to be done on weekends that the headaches came. And it’s always at the end of the day. So originally I chalked it off to being tired.

Now that I think about it, though, I’m sure I’m just having withdrawal symptoms. Coffee is, undoubtedly, the most accepted widely-used drug in the world.


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